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Extensions & Renovations 

Whether you are thinking of a new home or an addition, we provide a personalised service that begins at the stage you are at.

Perhaps you may have just started to think about your project, or have just made some preliminary sketches. No problems, we will work with you to manage the project from start to finish. And so that you can feel comfortable in the process, we will set out a pre-construction plan explaining the process.

On the other hand, you may have all your plans prepared and are ready to start. If so, let’s meet on your site to discuss your project and start to work out a price!

Points to consider:

  • We offer a fixed price contract, or possibly a contract called "cost plus", this means we have an “open book” approach where every expense record and profit margin is collated and provided throughout the build.
  • We understand that as a project progresses, you may obtain a new perspective on the design, and wish to consider alternative ideas. Our approach to this situation is simple – we would much rather that the project be improved and that you, the owner achieve the outcome you really desire.
  • Reading plans can be difficult to imagine how it will turn out in real life, we offer to draw your plans in 3D and this will help you understand the design clearer